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Recruitment Information

  1. Work location: Ho Chi Minh , ,
  2. Industry: Administrative / Clerical , Customer Service , Sales / Business Development
  3. Job level: Experienced
  4. Job type: Permanent
  5. Salary: Negotiable


Job description

1. Follow all of Team meeting and agenda

  • Participate in relevant meetings, save tracking information and communicate to relevant departments;
  • Arrange meetings, seminars, for Leader & Team;
  • Organize and conduct meetings with Team and distributors;
  • Evaluate related content and give suggestions.

2. Follow and double check target/ KPI with team

  • Receive targets and prioritize (Target: team, individual, internal, regional);
  • Track targets / implementations and notifications;
  • Summary of reports, results of reports, comments. Check and work with leader to confrim and edit according to results;
  • Evaluate related content and give suggestions.

3. Reminder action needed with team

  • Remind tasks, targets and KPI of the team;
  • Remind necessary jobs of team and partners.

4. Support to partners process information and follow target and process.

  • Receive internal announcements, processes, regulations to notify team;
  • Receive internal announcements, processes, regulations to notify customers;
  • Clarify notices, processes and regulations with relevant departments.           

5. Support channel compiled plan and send request

  • Summary of channel plans by month / quarter according to requests sent to leaders and team;
  • Summary of comments, proposals for leaders and related departments.     

6. Support company information and follow the any activities

  • Receive information, announcements, requests from the company and leaders to convey to the team;
  • Track, urge and implement the required content, mandatory, reference, etc...         

7. Work with regional checking and summary actual/KPI

  • Check target team notify and follow up;
  • Work with report teams and local data, check and correct data as required;
  • Work with teams and compare results on target of team and each member.              

8. Follow & manage sales programs

  • Submit and report Sales Program;
  • Summarize and submit the funding contra program;
  • Work with related teams on report data for programs.

9. Monitors target and KPI report to leader

  • Report the results and regulatory requirements for the leaders;
  • Report periodic results by target team.

10. Summary of information, opinions, suggestions and obstacles report to leader

  • Collect ideas to submit leaders;
  • Give opinions and suggestions for obstacles for leaders.

Job Requirement

  • Preferably 1-2 years of experience in Sales Admin or relevant position;
  • Excellent written and spoken English;
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills;
  • Work within a team environment and independently;
  • Strong knowledge of sales performance metrics and KPIs;
  • Good at MS office skills (MS Excel, PowerPoint, Word…);
  • Ability to work under pressure and prioritize tasks.
  • The year of age: under 26.

Required Job Skills

KPI Sales Admin Metrics Excel