Agronomist Consultant

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Recruitment Information

  1. Work location: Ho Chi Minh , DakLak , Dak Nông
  2. Industry: Agriculture , Consulting
  3. Job level: Experienced
  4. Job type: Permanent
  5. Salary: Negotiable


Job description

As Agronomist Consultant, you will oversee your territory through developing relationships and working closely with farmers, local distribution/ag-retailers and key players within the local farming community. Some of the roles and responsibilities are as follows:

  • Directly interacting with farmers in coordination with the local ag retailers and distributors in your territory.
  • Assessing each grower’s individual needs in order to determine which products will distinctly add value to each operation and provide agronomically sound solutions.
  • Estimate coffee/pepper areas by interviewing farmers, collect data from official sources, gathering of information from third parties like research institutes, nurseries, state farms etc. 
  • Train for group leaders, farmers on sustainable standards.
  • Develop manuals for the sustainable production of coffee/pepper based on standards.

Job Requirement

  • Education: University degree in Agronomy or similar.
  • Language skill: Good communication skills in English.
  • Willing to travel around highlands.
  • At least 10 years of experience in coffee/pepper production surveys.
  • Experience in estimating coffee/pepper stock volume in upcountry.
  • Having trained on Climate Change, sustainable coffee/pepper cultivation techniques.

Required Job Skills

agronomist consultant sound research education