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5 reasons your to-do list is making you less productive It’s possible to have a to-do list that energizes you, helps you prioritize your day, and motivates you to keep moving forward, even after those inevitable distractions or setbacks. Yet, so many people who write out...
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How to Write an Interview Thank-You Note: An Email Template You just walked out of a job interview—nailed it! But, the interview actually isn’t done yet. In fact, most hiring managers pay very close attention to how well (and how rapidly) you write a thank you note....
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2 Things You Need to Figure Out About Yourself Before You Apply to Any Startup Maybe you have a friend who works at a startup and their job intrigues you (there are only 30 employees? What’s that like?). Or, you came across an article on a company that just got funding and is hiring like crazy....
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How to Climb the Ladder Without Sacrificing Everything Else That Matters What do you do? It’s a question as common in introductions as sweaty handshakes and awkward small talk. It also sends an underlying message: Your identity’s inextricably linked to your professional role...
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