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How to Build Unstoppable Collaboration in Your Team By Prioritizing Balance and Values The wrong way to approach values is obvious: You've seen the movie Office Space when the boss calls everyone together to unveil a new banner on the wall asking, "Is This Good for the Company?" As far as that value exercise goes, everyone looks at the banner, but that's about it.
4 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Get the Rest They Need to Never Burnout When you don't take time for yourself, your business suffers, but when you take care of yourself, your business can thrive. Are you an entrepreneur or on your way to becoming one? You should know about a recurring dilemma amongst this group -- restlessness. Entrepreneurs seldom find time to rest. The life of an entrepreneur is fast-paced, no doubt. Oftentimes, they are just trying to keep their heads above water. The endless obligations and deadlines contribute to accumulated stress for most entrepreneurs.
Reawakening Your Passion for Work: When Time Has Come (Part 2) A wake-up call can come in the form of a mission: an irresistible force that compels people to step out, step up, and take on a challenge. It is as if they suddenly recognize what they are meant to do and cannot ignore it any longer.
How to Deal With Email Overload Email overload occurs when an individual receives an influx of emails and subsequently isn’t able to manage them. This occurs when the volume of emails surpasses the individual’s ability to keep up and is often a result of poor organization and mismanagement. Additional factors that may cause email overload include receiving a large volume of emails, ineffective email communication, and constant connectivity.
How To Handle A Bad Boss: 7 Strategies For 'Managing Up' If you've got a lousy boss right now you have my sympathy. Truly, it can really siphon the enjoyment from what might otherwise be a rewarding role, leave you feeling undervalued, and wondering whether you should begin searching for something new. But before you start planning an exit strategy, it would be wise to rethink how you can better manage the boss you already have – for all their flaws and shortcomings.
Reawakening Your Passion for Work: When Time Has Come (Part 1) When asked, most businesspeople say that passion to lead, to serve the customer, to support a cause or a product is what drives them. When that passion fades, they begin to question the meaning of their work. How can you reawaken the passion and reconnect with what’s meaningful for you?
11 Good Reasons to Explain Why You Left a Job During an Interview Not sure what to say when asked why you left your last job? Check out these reasons so that you have a great answer on your next interview. The modern economy and job market almost demand that skilled workers move from job to job to earn as much money as possible and maximize their career potential.
Do You Feel Unfulfilled in Your Work Life? Here's How to Change That If you want to make a transition into starting your own business but you have no idea how to do it, you’re not alone. I once thought that by making great money, I would be happy. But I was very well paid in banking and still not satisfied. In my 30s, I experienced a radical shift. I started to search for meaning and connection in my life. I was looking for fulfillment in my work.
How To Determine If An MBA Is The Best Option For Your Career If you’re thinking of advancing your career in business, you may have considered the idea of getting an MBA. A bachelor’s degree in business, or a business-related subject, will certainly open up plenty of opportunities, but going for a more advanced degree is an investment that can take your career even further. However, it needs to be carefully considered. Unlike most undergraduate degrees in business, advanced degree programs tend to be more about getting or advancing a career.
5 Surefire Tricks To Help You Write Emails That Will Get Replies In the world of work, it's essential to establish contacts but time is more precious than ever: it's harder to come by people willing to give it freely to a stranger. These five tips for contacting people and responding to all those who are tired of unidirectional or unproductive communication through social networks, email, forums, and telephone.
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