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5 Ways To Still Relax This Thanksgiving (Even If You Have To Work) Here are five things to help you enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday, even if you have to work.
The Key To Productivity Is Tapping Into Your Flow State. Here’s How Flow is simply that optimal state of mind in which we feel and perform our best, and it doesn’t have to be mysterious or elusive. Here’s how to gain awareness of your flow state and what you can do to tap into it more often.
That 9-to-5 Job You Hate Isn't As Safe As You Think Most people haven’t jumped into the crazy, be-your-own-boss world of entrepreneurship because they’re tied to an anchor: the job they think is safe and steady. That same "safe" day job keeps people’s side hustles in the category of fun projects that never reach their full potential. In reality, it's probably a good thing. Diving right into the deep end of the work-for-yourself pool isn't right for everyone.
Why “Just Be Yourself” Is Dangerous Career Advice Among the extensive catalogue of popular tips for boosting our levels of happiness and success, few are as appealing as the suggestion to “just be ourselves”. Common variations of this advice include recommendations to “be authentic”, “unleash you true self”, and “stop worrying about what others think of you”. In fact, “if you think you are great, you are”, and naturally “if you think you can make it, you will”.
6 Personal Fears Holding You Back From Your Dream Career If you’re one of the many people thinking about a change to move into our dream job, you might hesitate to take the plunge. After all, change can be difficult. Instead of letting the following fears hold you back, it’s time to start becoming aware of them and how you can push past each one to finally create a career you love.
Don’t Work on Vacation. Seriously How — and when — we work is fundamentally changing. Data from the 2018 American Time Use survey indicates that 30% of full-time employees report working weekends and holidays, and even when people officially have time off, that doesn’t mean they stop working. Moreover, the recent global shift to remote work due to the Covid-19 crisis could further exacerbate the situation: as the formal boundaries that separate work from non-work become even more blurred, employees may feel conflicted about what time is — and isn’t — meant for working.
How to Deal With a Bully in the Office Bullying victims’ physical and mental health suffers. Two-thirds of them will leave their current role to get away from the bully. Likely, they just open up a vacancy for the next victim. None of this is good for the individual, the business, or society as a whole. But what does workplace bullying look like? It can take many forms.
Does Your Boss Really Care About Your Happiness? We all want happiness, even in our jobs and careers, but do employers still care about it when it doesn’t boost our productivity? Do others actually benefit from our own happiness? Is workplace happiness overrated?
How to Handle a Salary Counteroffer or some professionals, asking for more money is a touchy topic. Most professionals feel validated when they get a job offer. Others are simply proud the interview went well and a company has extended a job offer. When you don’t look at yourself as just an employee, but also a brand, you will always know your career worth. The best way to define your career worth is through getting the salary and benefits you feel you deserve.
A Growth Mindset Is Powerful, But Only If You Know How To Use It With a fixed mindset, you see the world as limited and you muddle through your business doing the best you can with what you're handed. When placed side by side like this, the growth mindset is attractive, which is in part why so many leaders are talking about it. My own research into entrepreneurship has found the best way to move to a growth mindset is to start with three simple steps.
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