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10 Signs You Have A Really Bad Boss It’s the average employee’s worst nightmare—a bad boss. Here’s a litmus test. Does the thought of your boss being out of the office fill you with glee? If the answer is a resounding “yes!” you're not alone. According to a recent study, a sample of LinkedIn participants was asked whether they were happier and less stressed when their boss called in sick, was absent from work or went on vacation, and 88% agreed!
IT Jobs: 4 Tricky Situations Facing Job Hunters Now Many opportunities await IT job seekers these days, but so do challenges. Consider these four common conundrums and how to handle them
Taking a Step Back: How to Apply for a Job When You’re Overqualified There are several reasons why employers may be hesitant to hire those whose knowledge, skills or experience exceed the requirements for their target role. However, there are ways job seekers can market themselves for such positions that can increase their chances of success. Let’s look at a few of each.
Technological Tools To Take The Next Step In Your Career Regardless of the industry you’re in, there may come a time when you feel ready for something new. This might mean a step up the career leader in your current industry towards a higher and better-paying position, or it could involve a sideways step into a different niche or industry in order to alter your career path and try something new.
How To Job Hunt While Still Employed We’ve all heard the old cliché: “looking for a job is a full-time job.” But it doesn’t have to be if you are highly focused and organized. And if you’re serious about changing your circumstances, it’s critical to set aside time each week to research new roles.
How To Use Social Media To Job Search In the beginning, it was all fun and games. But social media isn’t just used to connect with family, snoop on your ex-boyfriend or keep up with the latest influencers anymore. In recent years, it has become a valuable job search tool that many potential candidates underestimate.
The Hardest Part Of The Job Search (And The Secret To Get Beyond It) Getting in front of decision-makers is the hardest part of the job search because it feels like it’s completely out of your control. Here’s how to create your own path for getting in front of decision-makers.
Don't Like Your Seat? Pick A New One. Whether you are unhappy in your job, ready for that promotion, eager to start a family, or just looking for a change, having the confidence to sit down is only the first step. Here’s how to pick a new seat.
How To Talk To Your Boss About Burnout While it should be up to employers to play a significant role in combating employee burnout, don’t wait for your boss to take the lead. Here’s some advice that will help you address burnout with your manager in a way that will benefit you both.
5 Strategies To Get Unstuck In Your Job Search The job search is a process. And like any other process, there are peaks and valleys—meaning, there will be days where you have good momentum, where people are responding to your emails, you have meetings set up, opportunities are emerging, and things are moving forward. There will also be days, and likely longer stretches of time, where things are at a standstill and there is little on the horizon, leaving you feeling stuck, unsure of what to do next.
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