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15 Essential Books To Read Before Starting In Real Estate The real estate market can a difficult industry to get going in successfully, especially when you're first starting out. Having a better understanding of what's important to focus on can mean the difference between making a savvy investment and buying a headache, and one of the best ways to develop the skills you need is to read about the experiences or study the advice of those who came before you.
The Key To Carrying Out A Productive And Effective Job Search In my experience as a career coach, I have found that people who are frustrated with their job search read the postings, but don't know how to align their professional experience to the position, or their resume is not optimized for applicant tracking systems (ATS). They may even be applying for roles that they aren't qualified for.
Here's How To Have The Best Relationship With Your Boss Your boss plays a big role in the trajectory of your career. A good boss that encourages new challenges and helps grow your skills and provides you with exposure to management can rocket you up the career ladder, while a bad one can stunt your growth and make you feel trapped.
The Easiest Way To Instantly Improve Your Career If you’re reading this, then the chances are that you’re interested in growing your career. Like me, you’re probably on a never-ending quest for career and leadership development and spend hours devouring articles, books, podcasts and TED Talks.
The 5 Fundamentals for Growing Your Startup It can be an exciting thing, starting your own business. But like many others who have begun their own startup companies, it soon becomes apparent how daunting it can be to make the company a success, or even just to keep it going. For those that do have startup companies, it can be a tricky thing to market the business and make it grow. That can be said of any new business, but particularly of small startup businesses. To help, here are a few top tips in marketing and growth hacking to help you to grow your startup.
How to Be Happy at Work Research shows that true professional satisfaction stems at least partially from factors within your individual control.
How to Introduce Yourself at a New Job Whether you're the new kid on the block at a company with five employees or 50, introductions can be difficult. However, properly introducing yourself is a very important step in building both professional and personal relationships with your coworkers.
Find out Which Jobs Match Your Personality Confucius said, “Find a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” It is easy to love your job when that job aligns with your personality
2 Things You Need to Figure Out About Yourself Before You Apply to Any Startup Maybe you have a friend who works at a startup and their job intrigues you (there are only 30 employees? What’s that like?). Or, you came across an article on a company that just got funding and is hiring like crazy. Or, you’re about to join the workforce and decided that the startup culture appeals to you more so than corporate life...
This is how much time you should really be spending on your job search Finding a job can be a real beast! If you're a new grad, recently unemployed, dying to get out of your current position, or debating the merits of moving on, how much time should you realistically be spending on the search?
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