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Career Resilience: How Small Steps Can Lead To The Greatest Success The job market is in turmoil, and unemployment is higher than it has been in years. While some may be furloughed, others are facing increased demands making them busier than ever. Still others report their job feels at risk, and some are re-building their careers in the wake of job shifts.
3 Signs to Immediately Recognize a Toxic Manager in Action or nearly two decades, I've combed through research to discover the top mistakes managers frequently make to disengage their workers and suck the life out of them. Whether you manage people virtually or not, there are common patterns and traits of toxic management that will work against you. Here are three of the biggest mistakes managers make that cause people to quit.
8 Ways To Improve Your Fall Intern Search In A Pandemic Interns are an integral part of a developing business, but finding the perfect intern for a stint at a company can be a challenging process. The recent developments in all industries and the situation with COVID-19 makes fall internships this year a little different from previous years. This fall's batch of interns will be facing a brand-new employment environment and a largely remote working space.
HR Tech in APAC: A Quick Dive With HR tech constantly evolving, digital transformation in HR and across business verticals is now becoming a priority. AI cannot replace humans, but is set to help automate most of the processes that may hamper the productivity of HR. Big Data, chat-bots, cloud services are a few new innovations that have been adopted by a lot of organizations across the industry and in HR too, there’s been increased use of new tech to aid processes. The global HR Tech marketplace is massive and boasts of various innovations today. Here are a few companies within APAC that are providing the latest cutting-edge innovations and empowering employees by making them digital-ready.
How To Stop Sabotaging Your Career Perhaps unhealthy thought patterns or destructive work habits are interfering with your professional development. Self-sabotage occurs when that critical inner voice holds you back from achieving greatness. By following these do's and don'ts, you will finally be able to stop sabotaging and start succeeding.
Applying to Jobs? Don't Wait Until the Weekend What can you do to increase the chances that your resume and application will be noticed? Jonathan Duarte. While these employers might be defaulting to "last in" or "first in" when sorting candidates, he explains, many add in other factors, like algorithm scores on suitability, skills, etc. That means it's not the time or day of the week that makes the difference, but the quality of the keywords
10 High-Paying Jobs That Don't Require a College Degree Are you seeking a high-paying job, but don't want to invest in a four-year or graduate degree? You don't need to have a college degree to get a good job. There is a new kind of job that emphasizes skills over education and work experience.
The 1 Motivation Secret That Works for Everyone Summer is never the easiest time to stay motivated. Summer in the middle of a pandemic? It's a miracle entrepreneurs are managing to get anything done at all. But when we recently asked our 2.7 million Twitter followers for their best tips to stay motivated, it's clear that lots of you out there are going to heroic lengths to keep productive. Creative and inspiring tips flooded in, including just about every hack and helper to get more done, including:
What Women Really Want From Their Employers It’s no secret that working women seek flexibility and want to be rewarded and judged on deliverables, as opposed to how much time we spend at the office. We also seek equal pay, in particular for women of color. While these issues continue to play out, it is promising to see more companies shifting their efforts to prioritize company culture, as evidenced by examples like this terrific, supportive note that a Chicago-area CEO sent to his employees to demonstrated that he understood they have personal lives. So, what else do women really want from their employers? I checked in with four female business leaders, authors and TV personalities on the topic, and here are their ultimate insights.
Older Workers Must Be Proactive About Their Future The world has changed. This is not a drill. Older workers are especially vulnerable to being left behind. No matter what our career is, we are all facing a new normal in our work life. There are more than 100 million people in the U.S. between the ages of 40 and 65. All of us need to consider new options to create value and work in the future. If older workers wait for help, we will likely find ourselves waiting a long time.
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