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These Changes Will Be Critical To Your Career Success After The Coronavirus Crisis Everyone believes that after a life-altering event they’ll permanently change. However, there are many biological and psychological factors plotting against you, and these show that even the best intentions are fleeting when challenged by the solace of old routines. So while it’s okay to slide back into old habits when it comes to reuniting with your barber, as it relates to your career, it’s critical that you proactively maintain these changes for long-term success:
7 Ways To Prepare For A Major Career Boost When COVID-19 Is Behind Us Despite all the challenges faced in the COVID-19 era—potential health crises, distressing news reports of loss and despair, being sequestered in your house, no opportunities for real-world water cooler chats—there is a copper lining to this pandemic (COVID-19 can’t survive on copper surfaces). When you make a plan to use that time wisely now, you’ll blast your career upward and be ready for a relaunch when things go back to normal—the new normal. Here’s what you need to do now:
15 Ways To Develop Yourself At Home Many people are working from home, and if they are anything like me, they are going a little bit stir crazy. If you are looking for something meaningful to do that will have a positive impact on your self-esteem, confidence, and career, may I suggest developing a leadership skill?
How to Return to Work After a Career Break Whether your career break was planned or unplanned, returning to the workforce after an extended period away can be challenging. Some recruiters and hiring managers will be understanding about years away from the nine-to-five grind, but others may feel trepidation about hiring you. And, with time away from the workforce, your skills—along with your resume and interview skills—may need an update. It may be hard to feel confident and qualified, too. Overwhelmed? Nervous? Don’t be: Here’s how to have a successful job search and transition back to employment after a leave.
Job Searching In The Age Of Social Distancing If you've ever been in a job search, you know that your time is often filled with networking events, lunches, coffees and speed "dating" events of all kinds. If you are currently in or embarking on a job search, you may be asking yourself, how can it possibly be done in the age of social distancing?
3 Actions That Will Make You A Valuable Employee According to data from April 16, more than 20 million Americans have filed for unemployment since mid-March. If your company has been hit by layoffs; has pivoted to a new product, service, or strategy to serve customers; or has simply begun to discuss possible paths forward, it simply doesn’t make sense to sit back, relax, and limit your activity level to what you were hired to do. It’s time to prove you’re an indispensable employee by acquiring valuable new skills you can use right away. Need some ideas? Start with these three boons to your skill set and résumé.
Job Searching During A Crisis? Here Are 7 Things You Need To Know Data published by C Space, sponsored by Monster, revealed more than a third (34%) of employees are actively seeking a job, though confidence is low. The job search process will undoubtedly prove to be difficult for college seniors, some gig workers, self-employed and the unemployed. If job seekers want to prevail, they need to be adaptable, persistent and have a strong mindset to overcome mass rejections. Here are seven things to help job seekers be successful in their job search during this crisis.
8 Job Skills To Succeed In A Post-Coronavirus World As most of us are in lockdown at home, we are left to wonder what a post-coronavirus-world might look like. There’s a lot unknown about how the world will transform after we get the novel coronavirus under control, but it is extremely unlikely that things will just go back to exactly the way they were before. Our workplaces are likely to change, and with it, the skills companies will require. Here are 8 job skills that are likely to be in high demand in a post-coronavirus world.
What to Do When You Hate Your Job Many people hate something or other about their work. Most of us probably hear someone complain about their job or their boss nearly every day. But while hating your job is a pretty common human experience, that doesn’t make it any less difficult to handle.1 After all, you spend upwards of half your waking hours at work. If you can’t stand what you do, it’s hard to feel good about your life.
Here’s How To Ace Your Next Video Interview Statistics show that video technology is being used by at least 60% of hiring managers and recruiters. A survey of 506 companies revealed that 47% use video interviewing to shorten the hiring timeframe, and 22% would consider it for interviewing candidates that aren’t local. Given that today most of us are hunkered down at home, that percentage is likely to be much higher. So, if you’re in the midst of a job search, it’s more important than ever to ace your next video interview. These tips will help you prepare in a way that will put you head and shoulders above your competition.
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