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9 Things To Never Say In A Salary Negotiation Negotiation is an art, like any other art, it needs practice. The worst way to learn to negotiate is to avoid negotiating at all costs. You will never become stronger, more confident, or convince an employer to pay your desired salary this way!
3 Emerging Careers In The Field Of Healthcare And Medicine Like every profession undergoes profound innovative change as time progresses, the field of healthcare is no different. Traditionally, whenever a person wants to pursue a career in healthcare or medicine, the only choice they see is becoming a doctor. Thanks to technological advancement in medicine, and trailblazing research in the field of healthcare, everyday new career paths are gaining traction.
6 Positive Daily Habits That Help Your Career Developing positive, healthy habits can benefit your personal and professional lives. It takes practice and patience to integrate such practices into your daily life, but that patience pays off – you’re cultivating healthy habits that allow you space to be your best professional self and elevate your career. Try these easy six daily habits that will help you grow your career.
The Guide To Resume Styles For Landing The Job So, you’ve written out your resume. You have your bullet points and you know exactly what jobs to put on your resume into convincing employers you’re qualified and ready for an adult job. You’ve written your employment and education history along with the descriptions, now you take a step back. What is missing? Does it look like this will catch an employer’s eye or will it look like everyone else’s?
How To Stay Motivated When Working Remotely The remote work lifestyle, whether you travel or work from home, offers a certain degree of freedom. However, with it comes complete and utter responsibility. It’s also challenging to stay focused and motivated, especially when you don’t have the friendly competition of co-workers and there are a million projects around the house you’d rather be accomplishing. Here’s how to stay motivated when working remotely to accomplish all your tasks and stay on track.
How To Secure High-Demand Software Development Career Opportunities High-demand software development career opportunities can be secured in many ways. The development industry offers many paths to work in computer programming, web development and custom applications. Of course, these career paths are needed in every major industry, especially in ecommerce, healthcare, finance and media. Major enterprises need developers to build and maintain their platforms. In this post, you’ll learn how to secure high-demand software development career opportunities.
How To Become A KYC Analyst Defining KYC or as it is also known ‘Know Your Customer’ describes the process that many large organizations use to identify their customers and the risks they pose. If you are looking for an exciting career that involves analytical work, then a KYC Analyst is a great option, but what is a KYC analyst, and how do you enter this career?
How To Become An IT Project Manager Project Management is an exciting career path with infinite possibilities. Each project is unique and brings a new set of challenges — there are no "cookie cutter" days in project management. Plus, there's something intensely satisfying about taking the merest whisper of a "what if" and watching it evolve into a fully developed concept, and, finally, into a tangible product or service that others can touch, feel and use.
5 Workplace Confidence Killers Some workers are wracked with doubt and fear, unable to take necessary risks or voice their insights. However, confidence is as much a skill as it is an outlook. To succeed in business – and life – it is important to avoid confidence-killing beliefs and manage, sometimes with great restraint, difficult personalities.
Top 4 Blogging Skills That Are Required To Get Job Everyone wants to become a specialized blogger but the stakes are getting higher and to give competitive edge we have to give our best out of rest. To be a blogger it needs lots of devotion, dedication, patience and phenomenal attributes to meet the expectations of the viewers.
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