5 Metrics To Make Your CV Stand Out After all, once you have a certain level of experience under your belt, recruiters expect to see a strong set of hard skills and some measurable results carefully demonstrated on your CV. This requires you to clearly articulate your accomplishments and include achievement-driven points demonstrating your value. The most effective way to do this is to incorporate key metrics and KPIs into your CV, to help employers see the true value you can bring to them. Here are five examples of key metrics to include on your CV that will give you the competitive edge.
14 Creative Ways Job Seekers Can Stand Out To Employers Even before an interview, one should aim to stand out positively in every interaction with the company. With some creative thinking, it’s possible to make your outreach to busy human resources representatives and hiring managers more memorable.
The Right Way To Follow Up At Every Stage In Your Job Search The job search process usually involves a lot of waiting around. Did they get my application? Did that interview go well? How long will it take them to get back to me?
Zoom Interview Tips: Background, Attire & More Zooming in or out? Let’s do both. Up close, it’s just a Zoom interview tips guide. From afar, it’s the first step on your way to landing your dream job.
How To Make A Memorable Introduction First impressions can set the stage for your interaction with a client or coworker — or even a whole conference room of people. You want to come across as memorable, friendly and respected when you offer a few lines about yourself, so how can you nail it every time?
Types of Job Interviews (and Tips for Acing Them) Employers conduct different types of job interviews, such as behavioral interviews, case interviews, group interviews, phone and video interviews, online interviews, second interviews, and even interviews held during a meal.
How To Back Out When You’re Not That Into The Job Do you have to go on this interview? How do you gracefully back out of an interview without looking like you’re ungrateful or rude? What if you’re in the middle of the interview and realize it’s not for you — they could be nice people but the salary and benefits are paltry. Try these solutions to back out of an interview gracefully.
5 Key Interview Preparation Tips From Recruiters Picture this: you have an interview tomorrow morning, and your heart is beating three times faster than usual. You can’t seem to find your resume anywhere, and your face is breaking out in a cold sweat. Calm down: these nerves are normal. Take a deep breath. Relax your shoulders. You want to make the best first impression and feel ready to show them how amazing you are. Lucky for you, we’ve constructed 5 tips to help you nail every interview, according to the people actually doing the recruiting.
5 Things To Know Before Your Next Phone Interview With social distancing and quarantine enforced, organizations took advantage of video and phone platforms like Zoom, Skype and phone calls. With such programs utilized or with regular audio recording, you should use every opportunity to get better at interviews whether in-person or virtual. You may already know several of these common concepts applicable to rocking a phone interview, but others may surprise you.
Check Out 5 Tips For How To Negotiate Your Best Salary Once you get offered a job, how do you ensure the sweetest deal possible? Negotiating your salary ranks just as important as landing a job itself. Make sure to let your confidence shine through in negotiations and value yourself enough to ask for the starting salary you deserve.
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