5 Rapidly Growing Careers In The Software Development Industry

There are several rapidly growing careers in the software development industry. According to recent data, the number of software development jobs is expected to be significantly higher than any other occupation in the next several years. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects demand for software developers will grow 22% between 2019 and 2029. Whereas the average growth rate in the U.S. is 4%. As a software enthusiast, you need to know the fastest-growing jobs available. This way, you can pick the best jobs with the most potential for growth. Read on to learn about the fastest rapidly growing careers in software development. 

Algorithm Programmer 

First, algorithm programmers are in high demand within the software development industry. Algo-programmers can work in almost any industry, such as healthcare, manufacturing, or engineering. Their programs transform entire companies, making them more advanced and efficient. In various industries, these programmers process massive amounts of information and data. These Algo-programmers must know multiple programming languages to write, test, and analyze their programs. This way, they can remain competitive and productive in today’s complex tech ecosystem. Naturally, pursuing a career as an algo-programmer is an excellent way to keep your career moving forward. Working as an algorithm programmer is an excellent, rapidly growing career in the software development industry.

Custom Software Developer

Next, becoming a software developer is another in-demand career in the programming industry. Custom software developers create one-of-a-kind solutions for clients that require highly specialized applications. Similarly, they work with specialized programming tools, such as Helm charts and repositories. These systems promote privacy, simplify access control, and optimize availability across your SDLC. Similarly, they provide you with massively scalable storage, which provides enterprise-ready repository management throughout your build ecosystem. Of course, this functionality is key to revamp developer productivity and streamline testing processes. In fact, leveraging Helm product even empowers you to enhance your configuration template preparation processes. Absolutely, a career as a custom programmer is both a lucrative and exciting profession in the software development industry.

Information Security Analyst 

Among careers in software development, information security analysts are in especially high demand. These professionals implement specialized cyber-security measures to protect corporate networks, cloud solutions, and vital systems. A security analyst protects their client’s most sensitive business information from theft and malicious attacks. As the number of attacks on small businesses, medium organizations, and large corporate enterprises continuing to grow, there is a large need to secure confidential information. Certainly, information security analysts are a rapidly growing career in the software development industry. 

Data Scientist

Moreover, careers in data science are booming. Data scientists analyze, interpret, and evaluate raw data. Then, they communicate results to CEOs, who make critical business decisions. With almost five billion active internet users in the world, evaluating data and making strategic decisions has become fairly complex. Enterprise corporations need skilled professionals to interpret this data. Of course, this tells businesses about their clients, and how to effectively market to them. Following opportunities in this sector, you can work in a comfortable environment and perform rewarding responsibilities. Moreover, these jobs help you build career flexibility, which is key to stand out in the technology sector. Clearly, careers for data scientists are rapidly growing in the software development industry.  

Video Game Designer

Next, video game designers are another rapidly growing software development career. These designers use specialized programming skills to create entertaining video games for smartphones, computers, and portable gaming devices. Video game designers mix their programming skills with graphic design and story-telling. In fact, developers with mobile programming and virtual reality expertise are in especially high demand. Leveraging opportunities in this field, you can build a transferable skill set, earn a high income, and challenge yourself with a constant learning curve. Certainly, a career in video game design is a unique, in-demand career, creating entertainment for a whole generation.

There are plenty of rapidly growing careers in the software development industry. The software design, development, and deployment industry are ripe with opportunities for tech enthusiasts like yourself. Algorithm programmers are in increasing demand throughout the healthcare, manufacturing, and engineering sectors. Custom software developers are problem-solving every day making unique software for unique clients. In addition, information security analysts make online business possible by keeping sensitive data safe from hackers. Data scientists interpret raw data from search engines and turn it into valuable information for businesses to make decisions on. Video game developers entertain the world by creating blockbuster entertainment year after year. The opportunities within these careers are endless, all of them are fulfilling careers for someone with a passion for programming and software.

Source: Jobacle
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