A Career In Nursing Can Be Broader Than You Think

If you are already in the nursing or healthcare sector, then the current pandemic will definitely have had some effect on your career. There has been a dramatic rise in demand for nurses and many have found increased career opportunities. However, many in the sector have also felt immense amounts of pressure and are looking for ways to get off the front line. It is important to be as informed as you can before you make any drastic career moves or changes, ensuring that you use your experience to secure the best career option you can.

It is furthermore important to keep in mind that should you have an existing, registered nursing (RN) qualification or extensive experience in the field you will have a wealth of opportunities available to you. Many of these will be where the frontline risks are avoided and allow you to progress an exciting nursing or healthcare career.

Use Online Learning to Improve your Career Options

With current improvements in technology, you will be able to complete any chosen study online, progressing from an RN to MSN online is possible and is a prime example of how to open up a greater job market for yourself. The roles below are examples of those away from the frontline of mainstream nursing, that can be achieved with a little hard work and creative thinking -all of which serve to broaden nursing career options.

Nurse educators:- These roles are on the increase as the demand for nurses has risen and younger student nurses enter the profession. You will need to be an RN with substantial experience and some further higher education such as the aforementioned MSN. You will then be able to develop lesson plans, teach and evaluate courses and be part of the process of providing quality healthcare and nursing.

Nurse recruiters:- This is a role wherein your ability to create and maintain relationships will prove key. Your knowledge and experience in a previous professional setting will allow you to be the perfect healthcare and nurse recruiter. Specialist recruitment agencies look for those with experience or further nursing and management qualifications to be able to find the right staff to fill critical frontline nursing positions for both private and public healthcare and live-in senior care.

School nursing:- Here you will be working across health, education and the community providing a cogent link between the three. School health has become an ever-important healthcare and proactive element of overall adolescent healthcare. It is a great way to have an early impact on health and how young people interact with their own health and healthcare providers.

Improve Financial Reward with Less Frontline Risk

All of these career options offer an improved financial reward with less frontline risk. For some, the allure of fast-paced emergency care or the specialized elements of palliative nursing may be what drives them. But if you are looking for a more sedentary, yet well-paid career option, then be assured that the options are out there and now would be a good time to do your research and make the move that both keeps you in nursing and also in a career with great growth options.

These are all options that will open up with some further study. Look for schools that will accept your previous experience in the field and who are recognized and accredited. However, the key trait required to step into one of the lesser known, yet equally important nursing careers will be the passion for care and making a continued positive difference where you can.

Source: Jobacle
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