Clinic Manager

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Recruitment Information

  1. Work location: Ho Chi Minh
  2. Industry: Accounting / Auditing / Tax , Medical / Healthcare , Pharmaceutical
  3. Job level: Manager
  4. Job type: Permanent
  5. Salary: Negotiable


Job description

Broad Function:

  • Define, with the main executives, the Clinic’s Vision, Mission and Values
  • Develop Clinic strategic plan, which is approved by the Board
  • Develop strategies to ensure Clinic’s leadership in providing quality healthcare services
  • Ensure patient-centered care and patient safety in all Clinic’s practices
  • Develop strategies to ensure cost containment and cost effectiveness in the management of the Clinic
  • Ensure that the Ethical Framework of Clinic is continuously respected

Main Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for the Clinic’s overall, day-to-day operations
  • Contribute to the achievement of the Clinic’s Vision and Mission
  • Develop and maintain efficient leadership by the Executives
  • Ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations
  • Prepare operational and investment budgets with the finance directors, which must be approved by the Board
  • Recruit all Executives, participate in the decision-making process for the recruitment of Heads of Clinical Department and Managers
  • Supervise all financial and purchasing activities
  • Lead the Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Programme implementation
  • Review and approve all Programmes (except those to be approved by the Board), Committee Charters, main Policies and Procedures including all policies related to the International Patient Safety Goals (as delegated by the Board), all Clinical forms, and all Patient Education Materials
  • Ensure that the Clinic programmes are executed and all policies complied with by the Clinic’s staff
  • Review and approve the main marketing activities including but not limited to Clinic website, advertising and public relations activities
  • Ensure the continuous improvement of the quality of Clinic medical staff by making sure the right doctors are recruited
  • Supervise the Official Documents management
  • Is the Chair of the Executive, Professional Oversight, Finance, Pricing, Purchasing and Form Review committees
  • Respond to reports from any regulatory and inspecting agencies
  • Provide the Board with a quarterly report on the Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Programme, including reports on adverse and sentinel events, and with a quarterly Finance report
  • Provide the Board with advanced information on significant issues.

Job Requirement

  • English required both oral and written fluently
  • Deep understand IFRS, VAS, CIT, VAT and other related tax laws.
  • Have University degree or higher in Finance
  • Computer skill & Accounting software skill.
  • Self-motivated, respectful, honest and trustworthy
  • Attention to detail and accuracy
  • Strong leadership skill.

Required Job Skills