Production Director / Giám Đốc Sản Xuất

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Recruitment Information

  1. Work location: Long An
  2. Industry: Food & Beverage (F&B) , Manufacturing / Process
  3. Job level: Manager
  4. Job type: Permanent
  5. Salary: Negotiable


Job description

Production operation management

  1. Propose measures to increase the productivity and efficiency of production processes
  2. Monitor and evaluate economic indicators of production and proposes corrective measures
  3. Participate in the coordination of activities within the launch of new technologies in the field of production and cooperates with the responsible technical staff
  4. Collaborate in defining and implementing the layout of Production workplaces and its optimization
  5. Be responsible for the efficient organization of activities and work in the Production Unit
  6. Be responsible for the fulfillment of the Production plan according to the entered Production Unit orders
  7. Be responsible for proper and verified technical documentation, work instructions, production methods and work cycles
  8. Be responsible for maintaining cleanliness and order in the Production workplaces


  1. Collaborate with Operation Engineering & Maintenance on maintenance activities in the area of responsibility
  2. Set the priorities and the focus of the emergency
  3. Check and validate the preventive maintenance planning
  4. Ensure the proper functioning of the Production lines

Continuous Improvement (budget & cost)

  1. It’s accountable of the main activities in order to reduce and / or restore any production losses.
  2. Manage budget and cost of production operation.

Health And Safety

  1. Control of compliance with the established rules and regulations in the field of Health, Safety and environmental protection by all employees of the Production unit department and creation of conditions for their observance
  2. Control of the use of DPI and monitoring risks to the health and safety of persons and proposing improvements
  3. Act in such a way as to prevent accidents at work, immediately reports accidents at work to responsible persons, writes a record of the accident, participates in the investigation of the causes of accidents, implementation of corrective measures

Warehouse management

  1. Manage warehouse operation plan
  2. Ensure warehouse operation meets production operation


  1. Collaborate with QA department to prepare the instructions, regulations in the field of Production, supervision of the up-to-datedness of valid documentation
  2. Be responsible for training and acquaintance of the employees of the Production department with the relevant documentation of the QA, supervision over its observance, initial instruction of the QA

People Management

  1. Manage directly the staff of the Production Unit department and maintaining a culture of high performance in order to ensure the development of team members, transfer of know-how, also guarantee the proper training of employees
  2. Regularly evaluate employees and provides constructive feedback
  3. Co-operate with HRM in the field of labor law, monitors compliance with work discipline and work rules, proposes disciplinary and corrective measures
  4. Plan vacations and holidays of Production and customer service staff to minimize the impact on Production activities, fulfillment of the Production plan and resolution of customer and customer service complaints (approves passes and vacations directly managed by employees)
  5. Select new employees in the Production department, check expertise and evaluate candidates during the selection process.

Job Requirement

  1. Engineering Degree in Food, Chemistry, Technology, Electricity, Mechanical
  2. At least 3 years - experience at the same position as manager
  3. Prefer to have experience to work at manufacturing factory in FMCG
  4. Good at both speaking and writing in English
  5. Good communication skill.