5 Books Required For Startup Success

Want to sidestep the high startup failure rate that may be exacerbated by Covid? Maybe it’s time you start thinking like a college professor.

Academicians strategically develop courses to teach students about certain subjects. They lead their learners down a path that includes a lot of self-discovery. Often, that self-discovery comes in the form of required or suggested reading.

Sifting through written material can be a terrific way to gain insights if you’re an ambitious entrepreneur. You get to hear about other founders’ missteps as well as their successes. This allows you to develop a personal plan that aims to avoid the former and emulate the latter.

So what works should be on your reading list as you earn your degree in navigating a business? It wouldn’t hurt to lean into the classics occasionally to spur your creativity, such as having Alexa recite some Shakespeare. However, if you crave the company of more modern fare, these new releases will leave you with lots of food for thought.

1. Ken Falke - Lead Well

Your business can’t boom if you’re not a strong leader. As soon as you bring another person into the fold, you’re in the spotlight as a role model. If you’re not 100% sure of yourself, you could end up with disengaged workers and a sinking ship.

As a former U.S. Navy bomb disposal specialist, Ken Falke understands the high pressure you’re under. It’s why he’s penned Lead Well, a straightforward playbook for understanding and developing 10 pivotal leadership principles. Each chapter walks you through the steps necessary to become an inspirational CEO guided by morals and confidence.

2. Grant Botma - Work-Life Harmony

Working yourself to the bone is for the dogs. Yet it can be tough to achieve a sense of what everyone deems “work-life balance.” That’s why Grant Botma recommends that you revise your goals and aim to reach Work-Life Harmony instead.

Botma’s philosophy isn’t to construct hard stops between your occupation and personal life. It’s to find ways for all your responsibilities to complement one another instead of competing for your limited time. Work-Life Harmony will help you find the purpose in every action you take. At the same time, you’ll be able to help your team move closer toward a harmonious, fulfilled outlook that brings out everyone’s positivity, innovation, and productivity.

3. Andrew Gazdecki - Getting Acquired

Are you picturing your entrepreneurial journey as a series of entrances and exits? You’ll want to hang out with Getting Acquired from Andrew Gazdecki. With three big-time exits under his belt, Gazdecki’s the ideal person to provide tips on how to get in, get out, and ultimately get what you want out of each move.

Getting Acquired is more than just a traditional “how-to,” though. Gazdecki peppers his content with real-world stories from his adventures as a founder. He’s not afraid to talk about his vulnerabilities and mistakes, either. As a result, you’ll come away with much stronger solutions for positioning your business for a successful buyout.

4. Gabe Nelson - The Solopreneur’s Money Manifesto

Not all entrepreneurs want to be in charge of others. Some decide to run their businesses alone. Gabe Nelson talks to that niche group about stewarding, investing, and growing their wealth in The Solopreneur’s Money Manifesto. And if you count yourself among the solopreneur crowd, you’ll want to keep a copy of this guide on your bookshelf.

Remember: Financial worries can sap you of your inner strength as you grow and scale your dreams. When you feel less anxious about your retirement or taxes, you can concentrate your efforts on other tasks. Let’s face it: You can never have too much money or too much confidence in how you handle it. Lean into Nelson’s counsel and discover the keys to financial freedom as a solopreneur.

5. Jeff Kavanaugh and Corey Glickman - Practical Sustainability

The race for carbon neutrality has already begun globally. But will your company be able to meet consumers’ green expectations… not to mention society’s needs? Jeff Kavanaugh and Corey Glickman say “yes” and lay out their reasoning in Practical Sustainability.

Practical Sustainability tackles some of the toughest environmentalism-meets-capitalism concepts in an easy-to-understand manner. Find out how to develop a leaner, greener supply chain without losing your shirt. Understand more about smart buildings that make better use of natural resources while still hitting your profit objectives. By the time you put down this book, you’ll be better armed to make eco-friendlier decisions for your company. At the same time, you’ll have the insider knowledge to bake sustainability into your business plans and operations so it becomes effortless.

Order your books, set aside some reading time, and get the education you need to own your piece of the startup world.

Source: Forbes


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