Recruitment handbook

5 Keys To Building A World-Class Internship Program As a summer intern with an east coast consultancy, I worked 80 hours a week scrubbing data for an econometric model of longwall mining. It was as terrible as it sounds. I had the classic intern experience - a constant flood of tedious, low-value work.
How To Build A Culture Like Google: 7 Practical Ideas From 'The Internship' In The Internship, the comedy feature film that portrays two middle-aged, unemployed salesmen competing for jobs at Google, actor Vince Vaughn's character tells his former boss something that is sure to resonate with entrepreneurs.
This Is the Best Job Interview Question, According to the Author of a New Book on Spotting Underrated Talent This job interview question is unusual but highly effective, according to economist and author Tyler Cowen.
How Recruitment Marketers Can Utilize Data To Drive Candidate Success More than two million job vacancies are currently available throughout the UK. And so, while it’s still a difficult market to cut through the noise as several organizations restructure in a post-pandemic world, savvy recruiters – and their marketing departments – are tapping into insight in a bid to stand out from the crowd.
Sourcing talent: The best methods for filling your talent pool Posting jobs on job boards, getting employee referrals and working with recruiters can only get you so far. For a sustainable approach to sourcing candidates and recruiting at your growing company, it’s crucial to begin to grow your talent pool.
How To Conduct A Post-Personality Assessment Interview Assessments are a complementary piece to the overall recruitment process that give powerful insights into a candidate’s qualifications beyond the standard application/resume/interview. Skills-based assessments are common – what’s becoming more standard are cognitive and personality assessments.
5 Recruitment And Retention Strategies That Actually Work The Great Resignation continues to march on through American businesses and will most likely strike your business. However, the hope is that you can use this to recruit fabulous new people while focusing on retaining your top talent at the same time.
How To Manage Employee Performance Using An HR System HR systems provide companies with a multi-faceted approach to all staffing considerations. For example, issues may include attracting the right staff, monitoring employee performance, and highlighting areas of training that could lead to greater staff retention rates.
Why Hiring Managers Really Ask These 12 Common Interview Questions Off-the-wall questions may reveal a job candidate's candidness or some personality traits, but more common questions are better indicators of their suitability for the position.
How to Secure the ‘Passive’ Candidate Thanks to the sudden shift from a client-driven market to a candidate-driven market, recruiters and employers across all industries, including accountancy and finance, are having to change tact to source and secure top talent.
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