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5 Books Required For Startup Success Academicians strategically develop courses to teach students about certain subjects. They lead their learners down a path that includes a lot of self-discovery. Often, that self-discovery comes in the form of required or suggested reading.
7 Ways To Bounce Back Stronger After Failure Entrepreneurs Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos actively encourage failure amongst their inner circles. Musk said, “If you’re not failing, you are not innovating,” and Bezos famously hires people who have failed. Failure has become somewhat of a cultural fetish amongst the business elite, with countless podcasts and biographies providing reassuring tales of success after darker times.
5 Strategies A Business Can Use To Gain Competitive Advantage5 Strategies A Business Can Use To Gain Competitive Advantage In today’s extremely dynamic global world economy, it’s not enough to just launch a business. You need to constantly strive to catch the consumer’s attention and market yourself the right way to turn them into paying customers. Additionally, you need a competitive advantage to ensure customers choose you over other similar businesses. So how do you create a competitive advantage? Listed below are 5 strategies that will help your business stand out from your opponents as well as provide value to your customers.
Hiring And Retaining Talent CEOs' Greatest Concern The biggest internal concern for CEOs is attracting and retaining top talent, according to non-profit research group The Conference Board This is due to a tight labour market regardless of company size or location, the CEOs said.
Progression and training stifled by Coronavirus Over a third (39%) of UK employees said they have regressed in their roles since the start of COVID-19, according to new. The shift to remote work was cited as the most significant reason for career regression.
5 Movies Every Entrepreneur Should Watch It’s important to select movies that improve our lives, especially as entrepreneurs. Here are five every business owner should watch.
3 Scientific Ways Successful People Manage Stress Every successful person faces significant stress. Yet, the most successful among us learn how to face the causes of their stress, head on.
Learn How To Handle Stress According To Your Personality Type It’s important to understand your own particular flavor of stress — what you are most fearful of or anxious about.
5 Mental Exercises to Strengthen Your Emotional Fitness In times of crisis, there are those who become overwhelmed by fear and those who rise to the occasion. They know that they have the mindset to not just endure but to thrive in the middle of chaos. They understand that what they do right now is going to determine what kind of life they will have ten years from now.
This Work-Life Balance Study Reveals 3 Major Problems: Here’s What We Need To Ask Among U.S. employees, Gartner found that work-life balance is valued more than health benefits. These seven questions can help you reflect in key areas.
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