5 Things To Know Before Your Next Phone Interview

With social distancing and quarantine enforced, organizations took advantage of video and phone platforms like Zoom, Skype and phone calls. With such programs utilized or with regular audio recording, you should use every opportunity to get better at interviews whether in-person or virtual. During this social distancing time, you may not gain an in-person interview so you should learn other methods of interviewing skills. You may already know several of these common concepts applicable to rocking a phone interview, but others may surprise you.

1. Do your research on the company or organization

Researching the company stands as one of the first things you need to do before answering the call that could potentially lead to your future job. Even in the job-seeking process, you should actively research the business and its functions. Look to see if the company has any outlines or plans. Try to see if you can bring any ideas that you would do differently from other people and research the interviewer if there are any documents or PDFs available. Find out the mission statement, the roles the business plays and any additional background information like the basic history. It helps to research the company so you can show the interviewer you care about this job and performed your research. You can also answer any unforeseen questions by doing your research.

2. Do you fit the job expectations?

preparing for an interview or researching, you could pick up the phone and realize you cannot perform certain job functions, or that maybe this just doesn’t fit the job description you wanted. You should always prepare for an interview for this exact reason and others, of course.

3. Don’t ask about pay

You should certainly avoid any questions about compensation unless they bring it up. For some jobs, especially more competitive ones than your ordinary fast-food restaurant, you need to go through more than one interview during the hiring process. In no interview, especially not the first one, should you never ask how much you will get paid. You will certainly ask too soon, and it may come across that your compensation holds more importance than anything else. If money falls tight for you, which is understandable during this time, you can voice your concern, so the interviewer and management understand your concerns and needs.

4. Have your resume on hand

Always come prepared with a copy of your resume in an in-person interview, but you may find it useful to keep one next to you during your phone interview. You may even want to use the resume as a reference. Use it as a reminder to bring up excellent talking points in your professional history or as a reminder to pinpoint things like your references. When you also readily possess your resume, whether it be digitally on or in-hand, you display professionalism. It showcases you took every opportunity to be prepared.

5. Show some teeth and smile

You should definitely smile and display a positive attitude. Be bright! Even when on the phone and not interviewing through Skype or Zoom, you certainly can tell when someone’s face holds a smile just by hearing them speak. Make sure your potential employer or the hiring manager can tell you are bright and cheerful as you speak to them through the phone. It may even make you feel more confident knowing your smile radiates positivity even through the phone.

Source: College Magazine
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