Top Tips For Effective Job Hunting

There are many times in life when you might find yourself looking for a new job. New graduates, fresh out of college, for example, might be searching for their first job, eager to find the right place and get their careers off to the best possible start, while more experienced workers might feel like the time is right for a change or a step in a different direction.

Either way, looking for a new job can be quite an intimidating process and a relatively big challenge too, and the fact of the matter is that you may need to send out hundreds of job applications before you get a positive response and find the position that’s right for you. This guide will help to minimize that number of applications and streamline your job search for the best possible results.

Make the Most of Technology

The first key to effective job hunting is making sure that you’re using technology in all the right ways, because in today’s world, technology is king and there are always apps, services, and solutions that can help you get ahead, from job-hunting sites that can help you find open positions to resume-writing solutions that can help you sell yourself in all the right ways.

You can also use the internet to carry out research on the companies and roles you’re applying for in order to make your applications and cover letters more effective, or you could even consider joining up with a talent matching platform that will take care of a lot of the hard work for you, using complex algorithms to match you with a prime position.

Be Ready for Rejection

Rejection is never a nice experience. It can be defeating to receive rejection after you’ve put time and effort into anything, especially in the world of work when you might be quite hopeful of getting a job and feel like you’ve found a position that seems to be the perfect fit, only for the powers-that-be to decide to go with a different candidate.

Unfortunately, the simple fact of the matter is that rejection is a key aspect of the job-hunting process. Even candidates with incredible qualifications and stunning resumes will almost never get accepted on the first application they send out. It’s something that you’re going to have to deal with, so make sure that you’re ready for it, able to accept it, learn from it, and move on.

Develop a Growth Mindset

Following on from the previous point, one of the best ways you can deal with rejection when searching for jobs in a positive way is to try and develop a growth mindset. If you’re unsure what this means, some psychologists suggest that there are two main categories of mindset: fixed and growth. Someone with a growth mindset is able to see ‘mistakes’ and ‘failures’ as learning experiences, always looking to grow, while someone with a fixed mindset won’t be as willing to learn and improve.

If you have a growth mindset, then every rejection you get will only make you stronger, especially if the company in question provides some feedback. People with fixed mindsets might simply ignore feedback and feel like they know better, but those with growth mindsets will learn from it, make changes, and send out stronger resumes and better applications in the future.

Have a Diverse Approach

A common mistake that many job hunters can make is simply doing the same thing over and over and hoping for a positive outcome. You might pick a job-seeking site, like LinkedIn, for instance, and then use that as your only source for finding jobs, connecting with companies, and applying for positions. If you do this, you’re vastly limiting your potential to further your career.

Having a diverse, multi-channel approach will be much more effective. Try to make use of multiple sites and platforms for finding and applying for jobs, and go further than that too. Visit company websites that aren’t hiring and send your resume directly, contact recruitment agencies that could offer other avenues to your perfect job, and get out into the physical world, actually visiting locations you’d like to work at and applying in person to demonstrate your commitment and motivation.

Final Word

Finding your dream job doesn’t have to feel like an impossible challenge. You just need to have the right approach. Hopefully, these tips can help you get your job-hunting back on track and assist you in finding the position that’s right for you.

Source: Jobacle
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