HR Tech in APAC: A Quick Dive

With HR tech constantly evolving, digital transformation in HR and across business verticals is now becoming a priority. AI cannot replace humans, but is set to help automate most of the processes that may hamper the productivity of HR. Big Data, chat-bots, cloud services are a few new innovations that have been adopted by a lot of organizations across the industry and in HR too, there’s been increased use of new tech to aid processes. The global HR Tech marketplace is massive and boasts of various innovations today. Here are a few companies within APAC that are providing the latest cutting-edge innovations and empowering employees by making them digital-ready.

1. Hacker Trail

HackerTrail offers a cloud based recruitment solution that helps connect the candidate with their prospective employers. They use technologies like machine learning and data science to ensure a good experience for the candidates as well as the employer. HackerTrail also uses gamification, it translates the job descriptions into custom gamified challenges and invites the candidates via a social media platform to complete those challenges. The employers can then finalise the right candidates based on their results.

2. Snaphunt

Snaphunt is an intelligent hiring platform that helps job seekers find the right role and employers to hire the right talent effortlessly. It’s a one- stop recruiting solution that helps in automating every step of your hiring process from job creation, to sourcing, screening, interviewing etc. Signing up on Snaphunt is free, however it has three plans to offer, the Sourcer which is free, Recruiter is for $167 per month billed annually, and Teams which is ideal for multiple recruiters discloses the price on requesting.

3. Node Flair

Unlike other recruiting platforms, NodeFlair is a tech platform that connects software developers to tech companies. It offers the candidates with the required privacy, and coaching free of cost. Their team helps polish your resumes, sharpen your interview skills, and advice on salary trends. All you have to do as your first step is to create your profile on NodeFlair. In the second step, the companies that find your profile a fit, request for interviews. The decision to accept or to reject stays with the candidate. Step three is when all is done and you get a job and a signature gift box from Node Flair!

4. Talkpush

Talkpush is a conversational recruitment software that uses AI technology to support volume hiring. The AI bots work for recruiters to make the recruitment process more real-time. The recruitment conversational assistant named Stanley makes the usual process more interesting by conversing and establishing a relationship with the candidates. Talkpush also lets the candidate tell their story via chat, voice or video. Talkpush offers three plans when it comes to the pricing – Sourcing and Candidate Engagement, Pipeline Automation and Candidate Experience, and Custom Solutions. This software is used by companies like Citibank, Walmart, Amazon and more.

5. Xoxoday

Xoxoday is a SaaS platform that provides its clients, the technology to motivate their employees and to engage with them. It also helps the organizations to improve employee productivity, performance, sales, and more. Xoxoday offers three plans – Empuls; Empuls focuses on driving employee engagement, to motivate and empower them. Compass; Compass provides gamified incentives to drive the performance of sales teams, channel partners, gig workforce etc. and Plum; Plum digitizes rewards, benefits, and other incentives by providing an array of giftcards, experiences, perks, wellness & travel categories.


With a mission of bridging the gap between employers and candidates, and helping people match the right talent at the right time, is one of the leading job sites in Vietnam that offers numerous job opportunities from which the candidates can find the right match for them. Their code of value goes by five rules – Right – Real – Rational – Responsible – Reliable.

7. Indorse

Indorse is known to be a skill validation platform that helps the candiates validate their tech and coding skills. The companies use Indorse to upskill their employees. The company uses a blockchain powered engine to assess and verify skills and achievements of candidates looking out for jobs with an initial focus on coding saving the time to sorting from hundreds of applications. Indorse offers Hackathons, Metamorph and Upskilling as its innovative solutions. They offer two types of plans, the Standard plan and enterprise. These plans include features like engagement metrics, Slack Bot, Weekly Analytics Report and more.

8. The Talent Games

The Talent Games is a Singapore based HR tech company that offers AI- driven gamified recruitment solution. The game-based assessments are used as a pre-screening tool that helps the companies to engage with the best talent. Customized games and C-Factor Platform are the two products they offer. C-Factor is their flagship product, it leverages social media, artificial intelligence, algorithms, and advanced analytics. It’s a game engine where multiple organizations can set up their recruitment campaigns, the organisations make candidates take the assessments and evaluate them based on their abilities and profiles. Once the candidates are done with the assessment, they are then provided with constructive feedback and some development suggestions.

9. Lark

Lark is a one stop platform for collaboration of all the essential tools like messenger, online docs, cloud storage, calendar and video conferencing. This collaboration helps the teams work more effortlessly and efficiently.  Lark provides solutions for all types of team size. It offers two variants; free and enterprise. Some of the features that are common in both variants are unlimited video calling minutes, unlimited searchable messages, customised workflows, unlimited apps etc. However, enterprise Unlimited cloud storage, Unlimited email storage, and Dedicated support with defined SLAs in addition to all the free features.

10. BIPO

Headquartered in Singapore, BIPO provides all kinds of HR services under one roof. It is available on cloud as well as mobile and offers customisable HRMS solutions. Their comprehensive suite includes HR solutions like Payroll Outsourcing, Attendance Automation, HR Consulting, Recruitment & Business Process Outsourcing, Flexible Employee Management, to help digitise and transform HR. Each application is interrelated and can be flexibly customised to cater to individual company needs and business practices.


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